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The CIA opens an office in Exeter where the main characters—Julia Barnes, Kingsley Khan, Henning Horlicks, and Theofanes Raptor—led the charge. Their antics regularly bring them moral dilemmas as a result of their work, and it forces them to think long and hard about what their technology is really telling them. Conspiracy theories abound.

The hunt focuses on Leather Jacket Man, or LJM, who has a bipolar mental health profile and lives close to the epicentre and the end of the trail, St. Thomas Church. His character is based on the real-life experiences of the author, including psychosis and paranoia that developed as a result of him believing that security services are following him around.


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After some initial action in Oxford and Exeter in the UK, the Mongols are in place. Kingsley Khan is the inventor of the electromagnetic EM machine. Henning Horlicks is the inventor of the quantum-entanglement (QE) machine. Theofanes Raptor is a physicist and software engineer, and Julia Barnes is their boss. They follow Leather Jacket Man or LJM, who is the star carrier of the show, and Patsy, known from Blue Crystal times, who becomes his wife.

Then a USA-wide hunt for carriers is instigated, which ends up focusing on New York. The use of the EM machine lands the protagonists in jail. They are subsequently freed of terrorism charges when the president becomes implicated in giving orders to Black Obsidian.

The QE machine is used to establish two-way telepathic communication artificially. In the end, Henning is able to both send and receive. Some carriers meet an untimely end due to the black market for negative mass. The final chapter focuses on the issue of racism, which is inherent in the hunt for these people.


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